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Robert Aronov is a contested and uncontested divorce attorney in NYC

Divorce is yet another legal category that has a lot of legal and financial repercussions. Emotionally, a divorce is simply exhausting. For a couple to split up and have to deal with all the con's of that break-up is very hard. From child custody to asset distribution it can get very messy. Sadly, these legal con's are difficult for couple yet not as difficult as remaining together. There are 2 ways a couple can legally break up, either contested or uncontested. Uncontested divorces are quick and both patties agree what will happen with everything from their children to their money. While uncontested divorces can drag out for a very long time as both parties cannot agree on the basics of the break-up. We have years of experience dealing with these cases. Our court trained uncontested and contested divorce lawyers in NYC, Queens, Long Island Westchester and Brooklyn NY will represent you with the care and help get you the results that you are looking for. We have 6 convenient NY offices. Call today and schedule near your home.

Our matrimonial and family attorneys can represent you in any divorce related matter or Family Court matter, and will fight to ensure that your rights are upheld in every way. Our featured divorce attorneys will assist you with custody disputes, division of property, valuing businesses, assets and making sure that child support and spousal support is set up fairly. Our legal experts can assist you with negotiation, mediation or cooperative divorces if you and your spouse have decided to part way amicably. Conversely, we can fight aggressively to make sure that you receive everything you are entitled to and take your case all the way through trial if the situation warrants it. The cost for a divorce lawyer in NY has gone down since July of 2011. At this this time a "no fault" divorce law was passed which significantly reduced the amount of work that an uncontested divorce requires. Contested legal break-ups however can be very pricey. The cost will actually go up at every stage of settlement. If the case goes to court the fees will keep rising. The sooner a couple can settle their differences the less attorney fees will need to be paid.

Our law firm as been recognized as a premium divorce firm in Queens, Brooklyn & NYC as well as all of the five boroughs. We have many testimonials from successful court cases and settlements that can be seen on our website. We have many reviews on YELP and Google. We will help you get though this difficult time with the emotional and legal help that you require. We also have a featured spot on the New Rochelle Attorney resource page New Rochelle Attorney resource page. New Yorker's in the northern suburbs of the city really appreciate our legal know-how. Call us today and schedule your free consultation at any of our 6 NY locations.
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  • Contested Divorce Lawyer Services The contested divorce is the most difficult break-up for the couple and the attorneys involved. This is where the parties cannot agree on things like asset distribution and child custody. Cases can go from a settlement stage all the way to court.
  • Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Services This is a very easy type of divorce. Both parties agree on the terms and the attorney can file a quick, easy and affordable divorce.
  • Immigration Lawyer Services From Green Cards to other citizenship & naturalization law issues we've got you covered.

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