Founded in 2010 by Olympian Dan Kellner, Brooklyn Bridge Fencing Club bridges the gap between elite-level fencing and the bustling community of Brooklyn. No longer would Brooklynites need to cross the bridge (Brooklyn or otherwise) to find Olympic-level fencing. Situated right in their backyard, BBFC is located on the fifth floor of a former tea warehouse at 68 Jay Street along the cobblestone streets of Dumbo. The historically-rich neighborhood proves a fitting backdrop to the dynamic and challenging sport of fencing with a fascinating history that dates back thousands of years.

Dan teaches all levels of students --- young and old, beginner and experienced. His philosophy is simple: fencing should be both fun and competitive. BBFC instills self-confidence, sportsmanship, ambition, and analytical thinking through positive motivation. Whether a student has aspirations to compete in the Olympic Games, make a high school varsity squad, or just learn a new sport, he or she will have a great time developing fencing skills that challenge both body and mind while simultaneously preparing them for success at the level they wish to achieve.

Fencing is a unique and interesting sport best experienced in person. If you've never seen the sport before (or you have and want to see it again), we welcome you to stop in for a visit. Come take a look around and see what its all about.


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