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This German- and Belgian-leaning beer bar and grill in the heart of Brooklyn’s Little Odessa offers a selection of brews unparalleled in the neighborhood, with about a dozen beers on tap and well beyond that number in bottles, from Chimays to Lambics and Leffes and back again. The wallet-friendly price tags carry onto the food menu as well, which features a hodgepodge of Russian (pelmeni, pickle platter), Middle Eastern (kebabs), and good old American bar food (burgers every which way). Aside from $4 beers and its prime location just steps from the beach, it’s this beer-bottle-decorated spot’s unpretentious atmosphere that keeps the place drawing outsiders as well as locals, like a crowd of babushkas celebrating a birthday over a table covered in cakes, and beer-swilling men watching a soccer game at the bar.